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Socrates: Λεπτομέρειες Βιβλίου


Μαρία Ρουσάκη
Στάθης Πετρόπουλος

Για παιδιά 6+ ετών
Πάτρα, Κόκκινη Κλωστή Δεμένη, 2020 - 36σ. - 22.5x22.5εκ.
ISBN: 978-618-5151-90-4

Τιμή καταστήματος: €10,90
Τιμή eshop: €10,00


Socrates was a poor and unruly philosopher
with high values and ideas quite bold.
He was a different kind of teacher who loved 
to ask questions and let the answers unfold.
His controlling Inner Voice told him what to do
as well as to drink poison, and his beliefs to uphold.