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Pythagoras: Λεπτομέρειες Βιβλίου


Μαρία Ρουσάκη
Στάθης Πετρόπουλος

Για παιδιά 6+ ετών
Πάτρα, Κόκκινη Κλωστή Δεμένη, 2020 - 36σ. - 22.5x22.5εκ.
ISBN: 978-618-5151-91-1

Τιμή καταστήματος: €10,90
Τιμή eshop: €10,00


Pythagoras was born on the island of Samos 
and was so very wise.
But he passed away in southern Italy 
where he had no family ties.
He laid the groundwork for mathematics
as he was well-travelled and very clever.
He believed that the proper way to lead his life
was to philosophize on every level.